Serena Maisto

Adidas Stan Smith by SERENAMAISTO®

How, when and why

During the quarantine, our artist Serena Maisto dedicated some of her newly found time, to remain in contact with those people who have always supported and followed her work. This was the beginning of the project Adidas Stan Smith by SERENAMAISTO®, in which the artist transformed her favourite model of shoes into brand new artworks, individually unique and accessible to all.

The Adidas Stan Smith model is named after the tennis player Stanley Roger Smith and was first sold to the public in 1971 (for those of you who are interested in hearing the whole story here is the link).

This project is undoubtedly a way of remembering the history of sports and fashion, but it is also a way to remember this particular period of quarantine, in which most of us have been able to dedicate more time to ourselves and different activities, just like Serena, who worked on new alternative projects which now let her expand fully in the art world.

How to purchase them? Send me an email and in a few short and simple instructions to order your very own pair of Adidas Stan Smith by SERENAMAISTO®!